A Journey with Christ

While they were talking and discussing, Jesus himself came near and walked with them. - Luke 24:15 

Pilgrim and Clergy Applications


Emmaus is open to members of any Christian denomination.   All applications must be printed and mailed to office with deposit and all appropriate information completed. 

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Clusters and Communities


There are monthly community gatherings where Emmaus participants meet for fellowship, worship and  informed of the support needs of upcoming Walk to Emmaus weekends, and other opportunities for servant leadership. 

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What is the Walk to Emmaus?


The Walk to Emmaus is a spiritual renewal program intended to strengthen the local church through the development of Christian disciples and leaders. 

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The Challenge is ON!

Community Lay Director, Linda Holt, is challenging every Cluster to sponsor, sponsor, sponsor this year! Each time a pilgrim is sponsored a ribbon will be added that represents the Cluster/Cluster Grouping. At the end of the 2019, the Cluster/Cluster Grouping who has the most pilgrims sponsored will be awarded the "Holy Spirit Stick" at the December AEC Board Meeting and will keep it for the next year. 

Let's get busy and share this wonderful gift -- invite someone to an Emmaus Walk this year! 

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Camp Sumatanga Projects - Help Needed

The projects listed below are being assigned to Sumatanga Maintenance Crew over the next three months.  If these tasks can be taken off their shoulders it will save the Camp money - and also free them to address larger infrastructure issues. Together we can have a real impact on the potential ministry AND the perception that new guests have onsite. There are many ways to address these items such as sending money to cover the supplies, asking local church youth groups to adopt a task, or Emmaus Clusters can make it a group activity for a day. 


Projects include: 

  • Painting: red doors at the Lodge, tables at McBee Pavilion, Darby One and Two Pavilions, picnic tables at the Snack Shack, bath house interior and exterior, support post in front of McKinney Atkins
  • Re-stain the picnic tables at the Pool 
  • Power wash the Pool deck, sidewalks in the Retreat Center area, Lodge porches. Assembly Hall entrances at Pool Camp
  • Prune and clean up trail behind Lodge along creek, Mountain Trail, and from Lodge to Pool Camp, the trail around the lake. and the trail beside Eva Walker going to Alpine Tower 
  • Blow off the roofs at the Pool Camp and trail around the lake
  • Work on Black-light Dodge ball Arena (paint and posters)
  • Clean out Pool Camp Craft Hut.and inventory craft area in East Wing.
  • Help layout/build new pathway from Office to Lodge - for Retreat Center Guests
  • Clean up/sweep off rest sites along Lake Trail
  • Remove shrubs at Little Brown, mulch and replant new flowers
  • Clean out flower beds at McKinney Atkins and replant flowers
  • Build new Sling Shot back drop (like an archery backstop)   
  • Any project you see as necessary for the appearance and functioning of Camp Sumatanga  

Please contact Allan Robertson  (email jal.robertson@gmail.com OR arobertson@randolpboe.org) for more information. Let's get Camp ready for Campers!!

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